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Enhanced Vanilla Survival

Enhanced Vanilla Survival 1.11


Minewind - Minecraft Survival Server

18+ players only || Server IP:

Minewind is a brutal collection of Minecraft survival servers where PKing means ownage!
Where people have no rules to fight, where pking & griefing is the rule of all.
Where anarchy allows people to use deception, kill players, steal drops, grief, and everything else!

Nothing is safe outside the city walls.

Difficulty is set to hard.
The world has no border limit.
TNT and Lava Buckets are enabled.

Minewind has many awesome custom coded features, but we still preserve that vanilla feel!

Be a lone wolf or unite with others, yet choose your alies carefully.

There was a time when anarchy used to mean GRIEFING & SHIT TALKING is ALLOWED. Yet thanks to underage kids (mostly rushers) that is no longer the case. If you truly believe that anarchy means HURR DURR I GOTTA USE CHEATS IN A BLOCK GAME NO RULES AT ALL LAWLLAWLLAWL13371337... stay the fuck away from this server. If you feel like cheating/playing rushers version of anarchy- go play 2b2t, 3b3t, 4b4t etc.

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