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We are 24/7 Multiverse Minecraft
Server: Minecraft SMP/PvP/Creative 1.6.2 w/Bukkit

Are you looking for a new and fresh Minecraft multiplayer experience?
We understand, and we are here to help make your time on Minecraft more enjoyable!

World/Server Lists and Details!

--(Main Server) In our main server ( You have the choice of 4 worlds! Those world's include; Survival (Main World), PvP, Nether, and Creative! Open to all players regardless of "donator" status!

--(Creative) In creative world have the ability to build to your hearts content! Build massive structure's that would usually take you weeks in normal survival!

--(PvP) The PvP world is always a favorite! Join a faction and build up your base's defenses, then attack the opponent faction and declare war! Factions are only are part of this world however. Feel free to have friendly or not fights just 1vs1 any time any where inside this world!**Grief is enabled in this world!

--(Survival) This is our main world! Feel free to roam about and mine and build however and wherever you wish! Build and join city's/town's and thrive! Share among your neighbors or go our and build and mine for yourself, the choice is yours!

--(Nether) Hell world! Not much is to be said about this world. PvP is enabled. However many other "things" would like to fight you warned.

Server Specs and Features!

-- We operate 24/7 around the clock rain/shine always here for when your ready to play!

-- As any server should, we run top of the line anti-grief software as long as McMyAdmin server administration. Your work is constantly backed up and easily recoverable anytime! Greif is not an issue and never will be, your work here is safe.

--List of installed plugins/addons(On Main Server):
--MagicCarpet [Fly!]
--HawkEye [Anti-Grief tool used by Moderators/Admins]
--CraftBook [Bridges, Elevators, etc]
--LWC [You can lock your chests, doors, furnaces, etc]
--iConomy [with Shops!]
--ecoCreature [Coin drops from mobs!]
--WorldGuard [We protect your cities!]
--MyHome [Allows players to use /home set, /home invite, /home]
--MyWarp [Warp signs FTW!]
--Mob Arena (Nazi Zombies for Minecraft!)
--Death Cube (The ultimate maze game!)
--And Over 100 More!!!

-- While we do run many plugins we tend to maintain an overall "vanilla" feel requiring the player to use next to no plugins if he/she wishes.

Server Rules: These go without saying, as these rules are consistent with most public servers.
-- Do Not Grief!
-- Do Not use hacks, mods, glitches, exploits, etc.
-- Be polite and respectful to other players.

-- 100 player slots to make sure the server is always available!

-- We have a 24/7 Teamspeak 3 Voice communications server so you don't only play with people you can talk to them to! Staff is always willing to talk with you if necessary and solve any issues! (TeamSpeak 3 Server IP:

-- We operate state-of-the-art server technologies to maintain up-time and a lag free experience.

-- We feature an extremely friendly and welcoming staff. We have staff from all different timezone's allowing us to make sure someone is 95% of the time online able to help!

-- Our IP is always easy to remember! IP:

-- Our website is:
From there access forums, LIVE map, discussions, and integrate yourself with the community!

-- Server Owners: Sircoolkeen and Sir_Ledfoot99
-- Owner's Email:,

-- Please let us be your way of playing the best game in the world, Minecraft.

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