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Welcome to DrugCraft! A drug server based off of McSushi's DrugWars. Come on to our server to grow drugs, battle rival drug growers, and start up your own mafia!
This is a roleplay server.


The original idea for DrugCraft has been around since July 2011. Our first server started up in September of that year. We took a 1 month break in December for redevelopment purposes. After that DrugCraft then got released to the public, after many successful months DrugCraft sadly came to an end, After many redevelopments and changes DrugCraft never got released, but I am happy to say after many talks with both Administrators and users that we would re-release DrugCraft.

DrugCraft has made many changes, and if you where one of the original users, welcome back and thank you for waiting. But if you are a new user welcome and we hope you enjoy our server.

Each promotion is obtained by gathering enough money to rank up to the next tier, Each group has four tiers.

The groups are

Druggie(Tier 1),Addict(Tier 2),Grower(Tier 3),KingPin(Tier4)
This group is primarily responsible for growing drugs, that's not to say that other groups cannot grow drugs. This group will have access to different commands and MCMMO abilities as you rank up you will gain more abilities.

Vendor(Tier 1),Merchant(Tier 2),Entrepreneur(Tier 3),Tycoon(Tier4)
This is the Vendor group. They are the ones responsible for the buying of legal items in DrugCraft. Each rank allows for more flexibility in your group, it gives you the ability to buy more plots for you to expand your business.

Hitman(Tier 1),Man-Slayer(Tier 2),Assassin(Tier 3),Terminator(Tier4)
This group is Hitman group. You hire yourself out as a killer that can take on any task offered. As a Hitman you will gain different abilities as you rankup, you will also be able to get paid to kill other users.

Dealer(Tier 1),Supplier(Tier 2),Trafficker(Tier 3),Drug-Lord(Tier4)
This group is Dealer group. As a dealer, you can buy and sell drugs in your store. This is the only rank
that can do that. This is a fairly profitable rank, because you are the only place
users can go to sell their drugs. But there is a catch, you are not allowed to
destroy or place drugs. You can only transfer drugs from your chests to your
inventory, you then take them to the Admin shop to sell. (Dealers are the only ones
that can sell drugs to the Admin Shop. This is how they make their money.) All that is
required for you to become dealer, is that you talk to the staff to put you into the group,(must have atleast 150k and been playing on the server for a decent time.)
you will be given a plot in the “Sewers” only, since cops can’t come down there (Without reasonable Cause).

Officer - The Basic Police Officer who roams the streets looking for criminals
Sergeant - Experienced Officer who is in charge of lower ranks
Detective - A Veteran Officer with many years of experience. He can tell just by looking at a block who last touched it
S.W.A.T. - An invite only group of Officers. They can tear down an entire building looking for drugs. Warrant Only
Captain - A Captain is in charge of all the Police Officers under him. He helps co-ordinate Drug Busts.
S.W.A.T. Captain - A Captain who is in Charge of the SWAT as well as regular officers
Chief Of Police - The Chief is in charge of all the Police in DrugCraft

Server Rules

I. General Rules

2: Try your best to roleplay, breaking roleplay of anykind will result in a temp-ban.

3: Dealers cannot live with or base with druggies or anyone involved with farming drugs.

  1. No Griefing. Griefing in small or large amounts = Ban, Period. Base raiding is acceptable.

  2. No excessive use of swearing, but it is generally allowed.

  3. No Racist, Sexist or any other group derogatory remarks.

  4. No hacks of any kind are allowed. This includes Fly mods, and anything else that
    gives you an unfair advantage against other players.(minimap is allowed)

  5. Absolutely no spamming chat, will result in mute/kick and possibly a temp-ban.

  6. No begging the Police to look at your application. If you posted it, we saw it. We will try
    our best to let you know a.s.a.p. if you got it or not. Pestering us, is noticed, and
    will result in a negative mark on your application.

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