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Sever address:
Server Status: on our websites home page

4 servers are currently running in debug mode! You will encounter bugs + errors. When you find a bug please report it on our website: In a week after we fix all bugs more servers will be opened up!

Zombie Craft is an intense gameplay modeled after the popular "Call of Duty Zombies". It involves holding up against endless waves of walking corpses, earning points and money to purchase perks or weaponry to aid you in your battle, playing with your friends to try and earn a new high score, racking up your stats to reach the next rank, and much much more!

How to play:

About our staff and community: W try to make the absolute best experience for each and every one of our players. The community in turn is very welcoming and kind to all players new and old (assuming your not bothering them about how to play). If you ever have any problems at all the main two ways you can contact a admin/mod is emailing us via our website or messaging us ingame. We always respond the minute we see the issue and no concern should take long to fix or reply to.

Donating and voting for our server:Donatorsare extremely thanked for their consideration and gratitude. You may donate at this link andreceivespecial perks and permissions: (Shop is closed due to server beta testing). Don't have money but you still want to show your support for the server? No problem! You can simply vote for our servers by going to our website and following the links, or just vote at the top of this server page. You will beautomaticallygiven a thank-you reward ingame. We are infinitely thankful to everyone who helps us out, our server couldn't stay up without the support of all our loyal players!

Resource pack: We STRONGLY advise you to use our custom made resource pack. The whole server was built according to it and any other texture pack can and will look...horrendous. The resource pack includes not only textures but as well as sound to truly make the best experience possible. Our pack can be downloaded here:

Server Owners: rimidalv111, Graindcafe, minecraftDWC
if you see them say hello!

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