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Welcome to DormantMC!
We are a brand new server, looking to provide a great multiplayer experience to our players. One of the ways we plan to do this is by having a permanent survival world. Player feedback is highly valued and we plan to use those ideas to build our server around you, the players!

We have multiple worlds to suit all players' interests:

  • Survival
  • Creative (Plots)
  • KitPvP
    A few features:
    Mature staff!

Here is our simple list of rules:

  1. Be chill, and respect others.
  2. Use common sense.
  3. No DDoS threats.
  4. No cheating.
  5. Keep swearing under control.
  6. Don't beg for staff.

These rules in place to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone. We strive for our community to be connected, so we have several platforms to make that happen. We will push news, update notes, and other important information through our website and Discord server.
Hope to see you on the server!

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