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Mineieval, a medieval economy.


Welcome to Mineieval! We are a growing community, that inspires teamwork and economy. Tired of all those flashing lights, those "PVP!!! FACTIONS!!! AREANA!!! YGRFUVE!"? Me too. I've been looking for a server, that requires teamwork, imagination, creativity for a long time. And in my desperate hopes, I gave up. After a while, an idea hit my head! "Why not make a server myself?" Thats how Mineieval was born.

While I was growing up, there was one thing that always fascinated me: Magic. The endless possibilities! With magic, one could fly in the air, go from one place of the world to the other, in just a mere second. Thats why I implemented a plugin to the server: MagicSpells. I did it, so users could also enjoy the same miracle.

To help users understand how our server works, I decided to explain how all the ranks.

Peasant- This is where players start, get strong and ready for the next big waves of life.

Apprentice- This where players first learn magic. Apprentices already know a few basic spells, such as lilywalk.
Wizard- The most important magic rank. One must learn respect and responsibility to go on.
Mage- Some say he is just a grumpy old man, while others say he holds great wisdom within.

Knight- The most loyal rank. He could give his life for justice.
King- He can already start his own kingdom.
Warlord- Battles, kingdoms, free iPhone 5's? He's has seen it all!

How to help us?
The most way you can help us, is by simply joining the server. Although, if you want special features, or are a simply nice person, please donate at our website.

Thank you!

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