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Server Overview

Imagine you are Minecraft's biggest and best griefer of all time. Well you've finally been caught and you are going away for a very long time in Prison. You don't know anyone, you don't care about anything but escaping. In order to achieve freedom you have to be willing to do anything and push aside anyone who gets in your way. You also cannot complete this journey alone. The people here may know things you don't and can be great allies in your journey to freedom. So will you choose to stay in the Prison forever, or will you find salvation and freedom at the end of your journey?

[1] If a guard sees you with a sword out he will ask for it, if you choose not to hand it over you will face a 3-10 minute time in solitary confinement.
[2] If you attack a guard you may face a 3-10 minute time in solitary confinement.
[3] KILLING a guard will result in a 3-6 hour time in solitary confinement, AND having your weapons/armor stripped.
[4] Do not ask wardens or guards about Guard Applications, we will just automatically deny them.
[5] Please do not steal from other players in the Furnace Area, doing so will result in a 3-7 day Temp-Ban.
[6] Logging out when a Guard asks you for your sword will result in a 5 hour Temp-Ban.
[7] We have 0 tolerance for advertising and we will perma-mute advertisers without warnings
[8] If a guard catches you in combat with another player he will give you 2 warnings before a 3-10 minute time in solitary confinement.
[9] Do not ask for drop parties.
[10] No trolling the guards with tons of swords.
[11] Do not spam anything, this is just common sense.
[12] If a guard catches you with substances or substance effects he has the authority to strip them from you.

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