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We are a new factions PvP server that NEEDS PLAYERS!
Everyone deserves a chance so give us ours :D
Note: This is also a benefit not having many players as we dont lag, ( if your computer is decent ) we have fresh terrain, and it's still possible to find ores :)

What we have:

  • Factions
  • PvP ( arena coming soon )
  • Drugs
  • Raiding / Griefing allowed
  • Anti-Loot-steal
  • Economy
  • Drop Parties
  • Welcoming Staff ( as long as you follow the rules ;D )
  • Events
  • Free Rank Day : On the 7th of each month we choose one random player who is online to receive a free demigod / god rank as a thank you!
  • More in the works!

    We do have rules that you must follow or suffer the consequences

  • No cussing ( why: well we want a friendly community so we try to keep things appropriate. Yet we have drugs xD )
  • No Hacking.
  • No Spaming or Advertising.
  • No Disrespecting staff.
  • No Hackusations ( accusing people of hacking ) just post evidence on our forums.
  • Do not scam, or troll the staff.

    We look forward to seeing everyone, Thanks for reading!

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