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RauxoriaCraft!! Factions - Pvp - Auction


Server just started so there are special things to do. Drop parties, 80% off diamonds, and a great starting! kit!
Welcome To RauxoriaCraft!

So RauxoriaCraft is back and it is going to be better than ever!! With 32Gb of ram there will be little server lag. The plan for this time around is to have multiple servers. We will be starting out with factions and when we start getting more donations we will begin to make more servers setup in different ways.

A Little About RauxoriaCraft:

RauxoriaCraft has been through a lot. First started as a faction server. Then it went to a non grief survival. Then it got shut down. Then came back as a non grief. Then again to faction in the middle of building spawn. And finally after 6 months back to a 100 slot soon to be 300 server. So along the way I have picked up many important staff members that will help me in keeping this server going. I have also learned from my mistakes in servers so this one should be very good.


Dmb7116 - Owner - Has been here since day 1. Pays for the server and has lot of experience with setting up plugins. (Not as much as IronMiner tho.)

IronMinerLOL - Admin/Co-Owner - I picked miner up about 2-3 servers back. He was one of those people who just one day joined and happens to be really cool. He is also amazing with setting up plugins and using enjin. I choose him to be Admin/Co-Owner because he basically setup the website, plugins, and even fixed plugins whenever I asked him to.

Toro228 - Admin - An IRL friend that is really helpful. Did many jobs on the server before it went public.

CRGamerica09 - Admin - An admin who again was really helpful! Server would have been delayed without all these people!

Staxus_ - Admin - Helped setup a bunch of plugins!! Really big thanks to him.


&1 1,Spam: 1st=TempMute 2nd=PermMute

&2 2,Hacks or mods: 1st=Tempban or kick 2nd=ban

&1 3,Disrespecting staff: 1st and on is up to staff

&2 4,Advertising (server or other service): 1st=Mute 2nd=Tempban 3rd=Ban

&1 5,Begging for items: 1st=kick 2nd=Tempmute 3rd=mute 4th=ban

&2 6,Threating server: 1st=Ipban,and ban (5$ Unban fee wont help)

Wanna be unbanned?

Pay the unban fee of 5$ and an admin or myself will unban you

Hope You Enjoy RauxoriaCraft!!


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