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Gaming Connection Towny

Gaming Connection Towny 1.8


Welcome to the new generation of minecraft, where we do not give up if there is no server client up to date we make our own, that is what seperates us from other Servers.

We are also proud to say that we are the First and original Rainbow 1.8 Towny Server.

So Join us today:

Or Hit us up on our site at:]

We are a growing Community that runs off of a in game ecoomy and Towny using ports we have done ourselfs to brighten the future of the new rainbow client.

With soon to be 4 years of providing an amazing minecraft experience to players we offer there amazing features:

Towny - Start your town and grow it to the biggest you can possibly get.

LWC - Protect your stuff and works with all 1.8 items to.

McMMO - Level up your skills weather it be for PvP or just to make the everyday minecrafters life a little easier.

Craftconomy & MCJobs - Well because every server is better with jobs and a place to store your money.

And Much Much More......

With 14 Towns and 3 Nations and those numbers growing by the day, you can enjoy:

A griefer-free experience while under town protection

A PvP and aggressive Mob free environment in our Towns

A vibrant, active, and helpful community

First-Class lite role-play experience.

Dual Intel i3 2130 Processors
16gb of DDR3 ECC Ram
Both SATA and Solid State Hard Drives for Preformance
1gbit Uplink

Gaming Connection Prides itself off of our excellent Service but also our first Class Staff that will help you no matter what it may be, For a peek of our current staff click here. Other wise if you need help just ask for us in game on our forums and if you need it asap just message in game one of our staff.

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