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-----=====Server History=====-----

  • The Server was created 9/28/14 and was aimed to becoming a regular survival server until we got a dev and asked if we can push to make a epic faction server. As a result we did end up getting a faction server but it ended up being planned to have everything from crates-pets with inventories-to even custom enchantments.

-----=====Basic Information=====-----

  • The server is owned by CFC_sNiPeZ The Owner and The Developer Alyssa the shop was created by mikelegend our admin and is maintained now on by Me (Alyssa) and CFC_sNiPeZ


  • This server features custom enchantments that people can donate for or you can wait to participate in our weekly held "Purge" Event (Coming Soon) During the purge event all the custom enchantments will be avaliable at random in the enchantment table
  • We also have a planned feature for randomized loot in the warzone so if you ever go out to pvp you have a chance to find chests with random goods in them :)
  • Points for builds - If your a builder rank you can submit your buildings you made on the server to the website to be reviewed and as you get points you may redeem them for the next tiered builder rank (this shows your skilling for building)
  • Trust System - Don't know if you can trust a player this server offers a trust plugin to where you can view a players trust to see if they are trustful (this is based on if players actually use the commands)

-----=====Planned Features=====-----

  • Our planned features consist of randomloot in the warzone, purge event, website stats showing kills and deaths and even what faction they are in all viewable straight from the website, a shopkeeper you can buy custom enchantments that you can only buy with ECredits not to be confused with EPoints ECredits are in the view of emeralds which are banned globally they provide a special currency all players can trade in for very special loot.
  • We also plan on adding pets that you can buy either buy donating, playing for master rank, or redeeming at the ECredit Store at spawn (ComingSoon)
  • Factions Defense Lines - We plan on adding mobs that you can buy or redeem that will either follow you to a enemies base or simply guard against incoming invasions.
  • Virtual Shop and Information center - Provided with a GUI that can tell you anything and everything about the server and may even be a way to redeem stuff later on
  • Most importantly based on how many players we get we hope to open a awesome network consisting of the best stuff simply for you guys/girls

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