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  • ==Server Name==: Insanitycraft

  • ==Server Address/IP==:

  • ==Server Locale==: United States East Coast

  • ==Website==:

  • ==Game Play Type/s==: {PvP} {Anarchy} {Factions}

  • ==Description==: Insanitycraft is a Factions, it has been running since May 10, 2012.

Insanitycraft met its peak of 70 players earlier this year, then switched to a fatal hosting service.

With severe amounts of downtime for around two weeks the server suffered a huge loss in player base.

With an active community we strive to achieve around a 30 player basis for now. Currently the server has

about 20 active players and receives 100 new players a day. We are willing to take any suggestions thrown at us,

though no one really has many to offer towards us.

  • ==Factions Gameplay==: Insanitycraft has a main factions server, filled with custom plugins. These include custom crafting plugins,

and our favorite the custom TNT plugins. With the increasing amounts of servers using the same old boring plugins it gets boring.

That is why we offer some plugins that can change griefing

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