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Tralfamadore ExtraHardMode Survival


Life on Tralfamadore is much harder than you may have experienced on other worlds. The earth is more unstable and mining can pose a much greater challenge. You will not want to build with dirt or cobble, as they will not hold together. Zombies may slow you when in battle, skeletons may shoot silverfish rather than arrows. These are only a few of the unusual circumstances that will test your will.

If you want to login and just survive and have fun, that's great! Want to participate in some stellar collaborative builds and events, even better. Just visit our website and register. We are still getting started and want you to be a part of deciding the direction of the server. We are an adult owned server!

The server name is the name of a 4-th dimensional race's planet originally in Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughter-House Five, where the Tralfamadorians exist outside of time. Is your fate on Tralfamadore determined by your free-will and creativity, or, just like the Tralfamadorian view on the death and destruction of war, inevitable and fatalistic?

Be courteous and respect others.
Don't use any tools/hacks/exploits to give you an unfair advantage.
No griefing, theft, destruction, etc.
Players are responsible for protecting their own builds from grief and unwanted damage via the GriefPrevention plugin using land claims
Withstanding other rules, have fun.
All gameplay is legitimate, including staff. Please respect this when requesting anything.

Server Hardware: Dedicated server: - / 4 Cores 4 Threads / 3.4GHz+ / 8 GB DDR3 / 2x 1TB SATA2 / 100 MBps

Plugins:[GriefPrevention] [Extra Hard Mode] [dynmap] [mcMMO] [ChestShop] [MythicDrops] [Fe Economy] [KillerMoney] {Mumble}

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