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The Kingdom Of Bendude {Survival} {Custom} {Free R


Website is currently being built, use for now.

New Ranks! And a staff opening! Apply on the website!

Why Should you play on KOBD?
Thats a tough question. There a bajillions of other survival servers out there yet outr is a bit different.

I wanted to keep the main point of survival, which is to just survive, not do challenges, or survive in a prison, just survive. I also didn't want a vanilla server, to keep it interesting. So, how does KOBD work? Well you start off as a peasant, and as you mine, kill animals, other players, and sell your gems at the blacksmith, you earn money. With this money you can buy gems back for making tools with, or you can buy the next rank.

No-one wants to stay a peasant forever, so thats why when you have enough money, you buy a Knightship!
Then a lordship, then a noble....ship? And eventually you can become a baron.
If you really want you can become a prince (or princess!) but thats costs IRL money, but if you do donate, you get access to a creative world, which because it is donators only, is unlimited flat land rather than plots!

Our staff are friendly and players always come first.

I, the Owner, develop the server and add everything, so I'm usually on (unless I'm sleeping) and I'm always adding new ranks. This isn't a server where the new person is at a dis-advantage because everyone else is "better" than them. No. No matter what your rank you will be treated equally.

On our website you can see a promotional video, rank list, staff list, a small gallery, and the donations.

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