This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Hey this is the MadWolfPvP server so we hope you hop on by and join the community and if you don't we will send our wolves to attack you :)
Our server is being hosted with MCProhosting and we need players and the more donators we get the more things we can add to the server and build a strong and a huge community of players.
If you can't tell this is a faction server and a fun one I agree with myself and we have some awesome staff members that will i garentee you will trust and love i trust them I find hard to trust people so you can trust them to :)
We have every faction plugin that we will need and the server weill be updated every month that is if we can keep it for that long :)
By update i mean maybe a new spawn but we will not delete your items we promise! Server retarts will happen everyday to keep that nasty lag out!
Oh and you might already tell but the server is indeed 24/7 aka on everyday :) So Come On By And Vote And Donate To Keep The Server Up :)

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can it says i am not whitelisted. what ever that means.
Posted 24th Jul 2016