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Lethal PvP | 1.6.1 | Factions | Hardcore PvP | mcM


About Lethal PvP

Lethal PvP is a 24/7 Minecraft server produced to provide players a safe-environmental experience on Minecraft. Some of our main plugins includes Factions, MobBounty, mcMMO, and Essentials. The server was officially open on June 6, 2013. With the help of our staff team, we'll do our best to provide you a safe-environmental experience.

Getting Started

Once you are on the server, you'll be automatically given a set of tools to start off your adventure. You can always type /kit tools to get another set of tools again. At spawn, make sure to read the rules before going in the portals. If you have a question about a plugin that you don't understand, feel free to ask any staff member by typing /helpop.


With Factions, you can create clan-like teams for your territory. In a faction, you are in a team. This means you can help out other members in your faction and make your faction stronger. A player has a total of 10 power. More players in a faction equals more power. With power, you can claim as much land till you reach your max power. If your faction power is low, and you have more land than your power, your land can be claimed by any faction out there. To get started, you can create a faction using /f create. You can ally and enemy other factions to your desire. With Factions, you are allowed to raid and grief other factions. However, you are NOT allowed to grief and raid your own faction. We have included FactionsPlus to enhance your Factions experience. You'll be able to have /f warp, /f ban, /f setwarp, and more!

Contact Us

Have any questions or concern about the server? Feel free to contact us at

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