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Were a towny/survival server with lots of fun plugins for you to make what you want out of your gametime here.
We are not a fully RPG server, but we have the possebility to be one if you so choose. That makes us open for lots of different playstyles and everytone is playing on the same level.
We are not supporting pay to play. More equal sharing of the fun plugins makes it a lot more fun for everyone in the community.
The server have a lore/backstory to give a "meaning" to how the server is buildt up and how the mechanics in Minecraft are.
Make your own town with new or old friends, make it grow into a nation with other towns. Build the style you want and what you want in a town. Mine, chop trees, farm and hunt mobs to earn some cash by selling loot and items to our server market or other players through your town.

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