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|||| CRAFTONIA ||||

Craftonia has many plugins to make your experience as fun as possible, the main plugins we have are:
Silk Spawners
Grief Prevention
Chest Shop
Auto Rank

We allow most things but we do have some rules, any breakage of the rules will be seriously dealt with, we try and be as fun as possible but yet we do have to have a serious side. Our server is currently experemental so we will be adding stuff bit by bit judging on what the comunity wants. We will be putting polls up on the website and then players can vote. If theres more votes for yes than no, the server will add it. We have 3 staff and planning on growing but you must be a member. Joining the server and demanding op will result in a ban. We hope to see you soon and remember... have a great day!

~ Craftonia Team

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