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Mythic Peace [No lag, 24/7,48 slots]


Mythic Peace Faction Server

Mythic Peace Faction Server is now running its Beta Test phase. I would like to start inviting members 16 Years of age and older to come start playing on our Faction server! Beta testers need to be mature and of integrity as we need people reporting glitches and not abusing them! If your interested in joining a fast growing strong community then look no further. We have Trusted and Esteemed Ranks earned over playtime combined with MCMMO to give amazing motivations for active players   

What sets Mythic Peace's Faction play and dimensionality apart from the rest is that we are aiming to be not just aimed at Factions destroying one another but also in their Faction controlling Shrines to lesser gods that are hidden around the world. In your faction gaining control of said shrine, your Factions God grows that much stronger in the overall Battle Against the Titans. ( Which are played by the Admins, to Create Games, Goals, Temples worth taking and controlling etc. But Admins are here to make it fun, not to abuse their power.)


Zeus - With the power of the Lightning and Thunder, his domain lies hidden in the Skies.

Poseidon - Deep beneath the Oceans his power holds over Atlantis

Hades - Only in The Nether with its fire and Brimstone could you find his Domain.

The Titans - Imprisoned Long ago but now free, the Factions must Band together to stop them yet again. (Admin Faction)

Another strong aspect of the Factions battle is the fact that when Factions start reaching greater power they will gain access to better stores with better goodies. Want to fly? Control the Shrine of Hermes. Breath Underwater possibly? Poseidon would be your man. You get the idea, and the possibilities are endless.

Come Join us Today!

Start out in the Wilderness and start making a name for yourself, who knows, maybe you will discover where one of the Gods live and be the first to Start a faction for them...

Server Info:

  • 2.5 Gigs of Ram ( Soon to be 3.5)
  • Dedicated IP
  • Opportunity to apply for a Staff Position and grow with the community.
  • New Player / Reward Kits!- Factions- Donator Rewards Coming Soon!
  • Economy
  • All plugins working together for a goal, Meaning for your Faction to excel you must thrive Economically!
  • Server Theme is Greek Theme with a hint of Norse / Anything Wondrous. (Players can build in any theme though unless in part of one of the Three Factions zones.


-Looking for Beta testers, Meaning start playing the game, but if you find it broken, tell us, HELP US GET BETTER!
-16 Years of age or Older
-We want this server to be Drama free and fun

If you are under the age of 16 but feel your mature enough to join the server talk to me
on Skype: Wowbendigo Same applies if you have questions about the server!

Thank you for your time!
-Phaedonz, Server Owner

Server IP :

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