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Great Faction, Mcmmo, Economy server looking for more players to expand the community.
Designed for large faction raiding. Come join and make that one 'main faction' to rule them all. /warp pvp, /warp mobarena come kill. /warp shop and /warp portalhub. Great rewards system set up. play for money. Not many but great staff, very friendly and ready for any questions (also we speak english, french and spanish). Great ranks system set up Starter, Member (free), VIP (free), Iron 20$, Gold 40$, Diamond 70$ and Obsidian 100$. Dedicated 24/7 server bringing events, new kits and warps weekly! Random bosses are spawned throughout the wilderness with great drops. No-Lag. Join the community and kick some but!
Rank+Donation Website:


  1. Respect all Staff
  2. Do not hack, spam or be annoying
  3. Griefing and Raiding other Factions is Allowed
  4. Do not over-use caps or swear-words
  5. After not coming on for 90 days your account info wil be deleted
  6. Please think before you act and use Common-sense

if you have any questions or concerns than email me at:

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