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Instipod Minecraft is a professional server. It contains various plugins to make the server more enjoyable, fun and secure. It has three worlds: Creative, Survival and Factions. Instipod Minecraft aims to please all Minecraft players, so why not join the community today?

Factions: Fight for survival in this action packed world! Get far to build a secure base and hope that you will survive another night! The factions world is a raiding, griefing and PvP zone. The rules here are very little and your main objective is to not die.

Survival: Instipod Minecraft takes a more simpler approach to Survival. There are not complicated donation packages or game-changing plugins. Never worry about running out of items, the global shop has you covered! There are anti-grief plugins in place and PvP is not allowed.

Creative: In Creative, you can build to your heart’s desire without any penalty. The map for creative is so huge you don’t ever need to worry about running out of space for building.

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