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Kaizen Worlds


We have just relaunched with a clean map so lots to explore and build on and we have now moved to the factions system for grouping of players and claiming of land.

When you join you start at a deserted castle in the middle of a swamp from which you can head out into the wilderness. There are 4 main warp towers that will warp you to 4 big biomes to start exploring and building out further from spawn.

Apart from factions we have jobs for earning money, a shop system that you can use to create shops (there are no server shops), mcmmo to rank up your abilities and we are working on a mini games map.

The server is located in Singapore as that gave the best ping average for the diverse group of players coming from Japan, America, Australia and all over Europe.

Players of all ages, races and sexual orientations are welcome which also means that bullying, racism and homophobic behaviour is NOT tolerated!

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