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Splinterian Realms! [Factions] [McMMO] [Raiding] [


Why you should join us

We have dedicated and helpful staff who are always willing to solve any disputes that appear on the server including enforcing the rules and banning any Hackers and X-rayers that threaten the gameplay value of the server.

We also have an economy with which you can buy many different things such as: Ranks, Resources and Food. You can earn the money for this in a variety of ways such as : Farming, Killing mobs, Mining, Selling Raid Loot Etc. This is guaranteed to keep you and your fellow players busy as you battle to be the most powerful players.

Player Ranks mean that more active players get rewarded for working hard and earning money. With these ranks players can spawn in kits of armour and tools to aid them in their endeavours on the server. Not only this but you also gain extra money every hour and set extra homes. This means you don't have to donate in order to gain fantastic benefits!

A beautiful Heaven spawn for when you die and a quaint village in the faction world where you’ll buy and sell your hard earned resources, all built by the dedicated staff of the server by hand.

Vanilla Survival PvP?

We also have a separate Vanilla PvP world where there is no land claims, Safezones and anything goes (Other than combat logging and hacking of course) that you can drop in and join whenever you feel that the Factions world is getting a little stale.

We also feel that hosting some sort of 'tournament' on this world every fortnight with rewards that will aid with the Factions side of the server. Read more regarding this here.





-World Border (5,000 x 5,000)







-Monster Box

-Auto Payments




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