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GrimMC [Factions] [Raiding] [PVP] [Obby Breaker]

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Grim MC is a PVP, raiding, faction server built by players, for the players. Each and everyone of our staff has been involved with a multitude of faction servers since the existence of multiplayer in Minecraft. We know how to run a server, and we know how to make your time here great. With donator perks obtainable by voting, to a rewarding and fulfilling economy, bounty plugins to hunt your friends, and many more, Grim MC has a diverse variety of plugins and add-ons dedicated to making your experience the best possible. However, what’s great about Grim MC is our willingness to change. Community input isn’t merely one of the factors in deciding what we do, it’s the only factor. We’re a server made for the players, and we intend to stay that way. So join us on Grim MC, for the time of your life, and possibly much, much more.

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