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-----= DEVASTATIONMC =-----
Hey! welcome to DevastationMC, we are a very new server, and have only just released, we currently only have 5 staff members, but they are all really nice and will help with what ever you need help with, we have custom plugins, paid plugins, we have also hired professional builders to build our factions spawn and also our server hub! Our developer has made sure all of the plugins have been sweetly configured to suit all of your needs, what do we offer that over new servers dont? take a look...

  • All players have access to /fly.
  • To celebrate release you get access to 2 pv's.
  • Also to celebrate release we have made our server store 50% off.
  • We are looking for new staff members, 5 helpers to be specific, but if you ask can i apply for staff, with less than 2 days played, you will automatically be denied.
  • We are always using our donations to hire developers to make us custom plugins, and also buy new features of
  • Also a 50% of sale on our store /buy.

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