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Our Goals -

To provide the player with a care-free, lag-free, fun and creative experience that will entertain without worry over backups, losing work, and wasting time. To ensure that people from all ages can safely play and enjoy a pleasant community. To allow freedom around the world, with as little rules as possible. Because lets face it, things are more fun when you can roam the world exploring where you want to!

To Achieve This -

We have spent countless hours making sure that everything is up to standard, checking an rechecking, testing and retesting so that you may play without any worries.

We have the most friendly and dedicated staff team on the planet! This is proven with the amount of welcomes you get upon joining!

Our plugin list is vast and ever growing. Without the developers out there most servers would fall to pieces. So we make sure to closely monitor every single plugin that works to benefit our server.

The server is running on a dedicated machine with connection speeds of up to 1gb/s. For those of you that do not know what this means, it is in simple terms the definition of: No Lag!

PVP - We have so many arenas that span for miles around all the towns. If you want to earn cash then hook yourself up with a fight! You can start whenever and even choose your class as you enter the arena! Best thing is if you are the victor then it is possible to loot money from your opponent! Again this is another effective means of earning cash!

24/7 - The server is being hosted by a dedicated machine that has absolutely nothing else to run. This makes for absolutely flawless up-times and ensures you can play all day long! The company boasts to have 99.9% uptime! We are constantly growing so we expand our slots regularly. If you would like to contribute to the cause and have your reserved slot on the server then Donate today!

Factions - Yes that's right, the plugin you have been waiting to hear about. We endorse the use of this fully and allow you to make your own customizable factions (groups). Invite your friends and grow your own empire as a part of the server. You can battle against others with this controlled griefing/war/groups plugin!

For all this and MORE! Come and join our growing community!

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