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Hello all! CyanogenCraft is a server where the Owners looked at the players perspective and what they would like. We added many plugins, (but not too much to cause lag), that make the players experience on our server 10 times better! We have MobArena where you can fight mobs with your friends or anyone to get rewards! We have SilkSpawners and MobCatcher, both plugins work well with each other. SilkSpawners is a plugin where you can break and acquire Mob Spawners with a Diamond Silktouch enabled pickaxe, while MobCatcher is a plugin where you have a regular egg and 5 redstone in your inventory and you right click on a mob and catch it! We've also recently added Jobs, adding another way of acquiring more money for our shop . We have also added mcMMO along with Factions, (An essential in our opinion). At CyanogenCraft, we've made a mini game we're it resembles KitPvP but, we call it FunPvP. FunPvP is a mini game where you lose no Faction power and lose no items. It is strictly for Fun and increasing mcMMO skill levels and/or increasing skill in PvPing. We provide all items for FunPvP as it is necessary for you not to lose items. In the Arena we've made hidden areas where you may find rares. We also have a put a platform where you have a to do a low level parkour course to get to this platform to enchant your items or get XP. But watch out, as you try to go to this platform you may be shot at and fall off. In the arena we have made many hidden holes that you can accidently fall into. Also, the only way to leave the Arena is to do /suicide or get killed by a player. This is essential because it makes it so people don't just join FunPvP with enchanted and/or rare stuff. We hope to see you on our delightful server!

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