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NewAgePvp [Kits] [PvP]


Features!! :

Experience on Kills: with every defeated foe, you a rewarded experience points which can be used to unlock new kits or upgrade your current kit to be stronger!

Soup Refills: Tired of normal kit servers, where if you get double teamed, you are doomed from the start, regardless of the skill level of the two attackers? Well here at New Age Pvp, you are rewarded for killing a player by more soup instantly refilling your Hotbar, no switching needed! Allowing you to take down multiple opponents if you can kill one of those teamers!

Custom Coded Kits!: We have taken the hard path here by custom coding many kits that you can unlock! These kits, coded by gamers, for gamers, offer a unique gaming experience that cannot be found on any other server!

Just a few Examples:

Tank (Default) : You may be slow from that diamond armor and heavy diamond sword weighing you down, but you're strong! ...and you have a secret weapon... Right click with sugar to get a momentary speed boost to barrel down your opponents! Catch up to them and deal massive damage with your sharpness III sword!

Thief (Vip) : Use your fishing rod, with a boosted launch, to hook and steal (copy) your opponents sword enchantments and armor! You have a speed boost buff and you don't take your enemies de-buffs, so a Thief could steal a Tanks powerful armor, and rather than have slowness, have speed! Unleash the mischief inside!

Rocket Jumper (Mvp): Fly through the air by clicking the ground with your "Detonator" weapon to make explosions that send you flying, but don't harm players! Enjoy stomping on the head of your foes for instant kills! Aim the explosions to head the direction you desire and air strafe to hit your target!

All of this and more at New Age Pvp!

Owners: M0rse and Dprox



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