This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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KryptexKraft is one of the Newest faction servers out there. KryptexKraft aims to allow everyone to participate by allowing anyone to create a faction from the moment they join from the server. Best part is IT IS CRACKED SO ANYONE CAN JOIN

Server Info:

Factions: Any player is able to create a faction. There are no catches such as Signing up on our website, Donating. All you have to do is join the server and use the command /Faction Create! There are hundreds of Enemy factions that you are able to raid and there are no Consequences!

Economy: KryptexKraft uses the latest version of Iconomy awarding players with $15 In Game Money every 15 minutes they are on the server. There are many other ways that players can earn money too, Such as selling there items, Killing other players and Killing Mobs. After you have saved up enough money you can warp to our Shop and spend to your hearts content with almost every item in the game available.

MCMMO: KryptexKraft Also uses the latest version of MCMMO, Backing up every players levels making sure that no one will ever lose them. You can earn many different abilities through MCMMO making the PVP experience that much better!

Auction: Players are able to auction off any of there items and it shall display to everyone on the server what they are auctioning and the price it is going for. Players auctioning off their items is a very sufficient way to earn Money!

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