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BlockKingdom | Towny Wars


Welcome to BlockKingdom! On BlockKingdom, we strive to provide the Minecraft community with an amazing server experience! We offer a friendly community, helpful staff members, and a well designed and maintained survival server. BlockKingdom is an even better version of a previous server; that server was called DarkAges. BlockKingdom has incorporated many of the features on DarkAges. However, it has also changed in a way that we believe is an improvement from the old server. The Clans and Residence plugins have been removed, but an equally capable replacement has been added as a result. The server uses the Towny plugin; this plugin is extremely useful and versatile! It provides players with a means to claim land, a special chat for each nation or town, and a simple and effective way for groups to go to war with each other! There are many other perks of Towny as well! BlockKingdom also features a clean and simple economy system, allowing players to earn money and use it to buy from shops, make towns, create nations, and many other things! The server is designed to be as rewarding as possible for players, while still being challenging and fun! BlockKingdom is designed for players. We hope that all players will have a great experience. We’re excited to see any new faces on the server. Join us now!

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