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XtremeIdiots Clan minecraft servers have no prohibitions on use of language except for two primary rules: no racist remarks, and no personal attacks. This mod pack uses Techniclauncher Come on in and enjoy the always friendly atmosphere.

We have donation ranks that are EULA Compliant! Do /buy in game to check them out!
We are a growing Minecraft server community looking for players that are mature and looking to play in an environment where hacks, thieves/raiding, cheats, griefing and disrespect towards other players is not allowed. We have fun and we help each other out.

Join us on TeamSpeak password: crappy

Admin Team:
Kingstinger_XI - Head Admin
Devildog4355_XI - Admin
Vashta_Nerada_Sos_XI - Admin
Velamuna_XI - Admin
Daxx68_XI - Admin
Sitting- duc_XI - Mascot and support!

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