This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Sunstone, The sun of Jadestone


Jadestone, a wonderful, joyful, server run by a family like staff who ruled over an entire world of happy people. Jadestone was an experiment by Isaacdude123, and Bioshock722; two brothers looking to create the best Minecraft server on the Internet.

      Jadestone was a free build server that allowed all guests, and all members alike to build and destroy where ever they so desired, just as long as they followed the rules. The admins preached trust, and so there was trust. 

     As time went on, the server got bigger, and bigger. Eventually attracting griefers, griefers who had free reign in a server like Jadestone. And so it was destroyed and rebuilt, and destroyed again. Frantically DesmodusDantre tried to roll back the world, only to find that a flaw had occurred and the world was reset, all memory of backups erased. 
      Persistent Emails lead us to reopen Jadestone, Under the name.. Sunstone.

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