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[No Lag][Yogscast Complete] Rising Alliance Gaming


About Rising Alliance Gaming :

We are a growing Yogscast Complete pack modded minecraft dedicated server and gaming community. Have friendly, helpful, and outgoing staff members and players. We welcome any players doesn't matter how much experience you have. Our Server is 24/7 meaning you and your friends can join at any time. The Server restarts every 4 hours and all dimensions except overworld get reset every month. We hope to see you on our server.

Some plugins that we have to offer :

  • LWC
  • ChestShop
  • Autorank
  • PermissionsEx
  • SimpleRegionMarket
  • MyTown
  • Lottery
  • Votifier
  • CasinoSlots
  • WorldEdit
  • WorldBorder
  • Skript

Main Features :

  • 24/7 Dedicated Server
  • Friendly, Helpful, and Outgoing Staff and Players from various timezones
  • Custom (harder) recipes for Big Reactors, Computercraft, and much more
  • Consensual PVP with /pvptoggle ... red names are flagged for PvP
  • Screenshots of the mods needed with every pack update
  • Custom rank tags awarded automatically with time played
  • 75 slot TeamSpeak to chat with your friends
  • KeepInventory only in the OverWorld
  • TeamSpeak
  • Website
  • Marketplace

The Dedicated Server Itself...

  • Intel Core E3 1230v2
  • 120GB SSD with 2TB backup
  • 32GB RAM
  • 1Gbit uplink
  • Located: Kansas City, MO

Server Rules :

1) No griefing of any kind! This includes in the wilderness - if it's not naturally generated and not yours, don't touch it. If you question whether or not something is natural, ask a staff member

2) No hacking or exploiting glitches or bugs, including dupe bugs. If a bug is found, please alert a staff member

3) Consensual PVP only, please. If your name is red, you are PVP flagged. Toggle your flag with /pvptoggle

4) Protect your town with MyTown (/mytown help); if something is stolen and you did not have your area protected, no refund items will be issued. This is your only warning!

5) Be respectful towards staff and fellow players. This is a game, we're here to have fun

6) Banned items exist because either a) it causes server lag/crashes, B) it bypasses protections, or c) it doesn't fit in with our vision of the server, (e.g., automated mining, breaks mechanics, etc.). This is at the sole discretion of the staff and arguing will not change our minds

7) Advertising other servers via chat or in TeamSpeak is prohibited

8) Bypassing the AFK timer or keeping an area chunkloaded by using anti-AFK machines or macros is not allowed. If found, it will result in disciplinary action

Most importantly, please have fun! Not abiding by the server rules will result in disciplinary action, up to the discretion of the handling staff member. If you have any questions or comments, please direct them towards staff

Other Information :

Make sure to watch all the YouTube videos that are listed above. If you can't view anything on our website then you have to sign up which is easy and doesn't take too long. Any questions don't be afraid to post them on our website or on this thread trust us we don't bit. Check out our social links which are located down below. If you like our server then post it saying that and tell us why and also tell another people about us it would help us a lot. And if you join our server and teamspeak you will be given at least 3k in game currency.

Credits :

Josh(South) and all of the staff and players for making the server to stay alive and running.

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