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DaKingzNetwork - Creative Plotserver with Ranks de


Welcome to DaKingzNetwork!

We are a Server that offers both Survival and Creative for those who join us.


This World is a Plotworld.
You can claim 2 plots with the default rank.
There are 6 ranks that can all be reached without purchasing in this world.
The rank order is:

  1. [Wood] - The default rank
  2. [Stone] - Can be reached through some little nice buildings.
  3. [Iron] - Already more difficult to reach. We expect a more detailed building with some surroundings.
  4. [Gold] - If you didn't use Terraforming up to this point this is where you will have to do so.
  5. [Emerald] - Difficult to reach this rank. We expect nearly a full built plot with many details.
  6. [Diamond] - The highest rank and a privilege for those playing much on our Server. It will take a really nice,big and detailed building to finally reach this rank.

Builders who reach the rank of Gold or Emerald are welcome to ask the staff to start building some bigger projects with them!


Our Survivalworld is based on Factions and MCMMO.
We built the Spawn in Survival so that you have to walk through some gates to be able to walk away and start to play.
These gates are located on 4 ships around this spawn.
We hope to create 4 different "Spawn areas" with this so that people already have some distance between each other
and dont have to walk too far away to find a nice spot to start a base.


  1. Be respectful to your fellow players.
  2. Racism, Sexism or any type of Hate Speech will not be tolerated.
  3. Any type of cheats/mods or bugusing to gain an advantage are forbidden.
  4. Redstone lagmachines will be removed.
  5. Advertisement of any type is not allowed.
  6. Do not abuse or spam commands.
  7. Spamming in chat will not be tolerated.
  8. Inappropriate buildings will be removed.
  9. Since this is an international server please speak in English.

I hope you enjoy to play on our Server!

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