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NuclearDistrict Gaming Community


Welcome to NuclearDistrict Gaming Community! We are a new community that was launched on Februray 7, 2014. The owner is Atomicbeast101 and I am currently in college studying computer science. I decided to run my own community for a few reasons: to bring players to enjoy in an unique server that contains Survival, Factions, Mini-Games, and Creative. Soon more will be added such as Skyblock, RolePlay, etc...

The services we have right now are Minecraft server and it runs on Spigot program. Its excellent for big MC servers. In that service, we have the gamemodes that we have to offer for everyone. The second one is Garry's Mod server. It was launched last month and it became successfull. It has custom plugins to make the server more enjoyable and unique. We have a website and forums for everyone to feel free to use. We also have Teamspeak3 server for everyone to use! Its also free! More info will be at bottom of page.

Minecraft Server:

  • Survival
    • Economy system
    • Server shop in Survival Spawn
    • Earn $50 per vote in /vote
    • Kill mobs to earn money.
    • Donors can create shops to sell items at the prices that can beat the server shop
  • Factions
    • Faction shop that sells various items that fits your PvP needs
    • Can use NDPoints to increase your power level
    • Custom Faction channels: Public, Ally, Truce, and Faction.
    • No restrictions on items except for Enchantment Table, BrewingStand, and TnT
    • You can buy TnT easily with NDPoints!
    • You can earn NDPoints by voting through /vote! (1 NDPoint per vote!)
    • You can also donate for NDPoints. Info at:
    • ObsidianBreaker allows you to break one obsidian with right click of gold ingot. (Remember! It uses 3 of your power points!)
  • Creative
    • PlotMe system
    • You can add people to your plots for free!
    • Alot of amazing builds in it!
    • No expire dates on them!
    • Doesn't reset in map resets!
  • Mini-Games
    • SurvivalGames with 4 Arenas (Updated often!)
    • Spleef with 2 Arenas
    • Parkour with 4 Arenas
    • Custom Mini-Games:
    • TheRedCore - Your objective is to find the redstone block and hit it 4 times before other players find it to win!
    • GrandTheftWool - Your objective is to collect as many wools as you can before time runs out!
    • MCRush - (Coming soon!) Your objective as a team is to make the most kills on the other team!

Garry's Mod Server:

  • Custom economy system
  • Donor Ranks


  • Arcade games (All free!)
  • Active posts
  • Off topic posts (Such as graphics, computer programming, gaming, anything!)


  • Modern type website
  • Pages for each service we have
  • Top 50 status on player online, player kills, mob kills, player deaths, block breaks, block places, SurvivalGames, etc.


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