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Third-Life Mcmmo/Factions/NoCheat/McJobs


Mcmmo, Factions, McJobs, Essentials, NoCheat

What is our goal?
Third-Life's goal is to bring back a classic minecraft multiplayer mechanic. We strive to make playing the actual game as good of an experience as possible.

What type of server is it?
Third-Life brings the very core of what it means to play multiplayer minecraft. PvP is the name and thats how its played. work together in factions to take on other factions or be a hermit and shadow yourself until you are the strongest player on the server!
Griefing/Stealing is allowed


  1. No hacked clients of any kind(I.E Nodus etc)

2.No excessive foul language.
( i get it we are human and it slips but being excessive about it is just immature)

3.No advertising or spamming

  1. Respect everyone and treat others as you would wanna be treated(The golden rule!)

  2. Do not beg. (Asking for items insitently or OP insistently)

We are a new server so open to any suggestions or thoughts. Come by and let us know what you think!

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