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Bc-Gaming Is a Faction, PvP, Raiding server. We offer a variety of custom coded plugins and addons to make our server stand out. Now a little about the owners. There are two owners that currently run the server. The first is me, Beastzone, I am going to be a freshman in college this up and coming fall. I started working on servers about 5 years ago, and have enjoyed it ever since. The other owner is Cjc7122, in terms of schooling, he is in the same boat as me. We both have been friends for years, which makes server managing much easier. Also we are always looking for suggestions or ideas, so give us some suggestions on our forums anytime you feel that a suggestion is necessary.

About 90% of our server is custom coded thanks to the plugin Skript. Here are some of the amenities our server has to offer.

Custom Donation ranks, along with custom permissions and rights.
Hand Made voting credit balance, in which you may purchase special items from vote credits, at the vote shop.
Custom /Spawner Command along with unique way to change spawner. We use Spawn Eggs along with a command to change spawners.
Custom Kits for Rankings
Anti PvP logging
/Report command to help notify staff of issues.
Custom made obsidian breaking method, to make Raiding just that much more fun!
New player PvP protector, to protect noobies from being spawn killed right after join.
World border, to give all players a fair advantage to raid.
Custom Voting rewards, to satisfy the needs of players :lol:

Along With Much, Much more....

We expect everyone to follow the rules, excessive rule breaking will get you banned, we are trying to establish a mature and friendly server. Please respect this.

  1. No Hacking, of any kind.
  2. Please do not spam the server chat.
  3. Griefing IS allowed.
  4. Please listen to staff, we try hard to keep everyone in check.
  5. Scamming and betrayal IS allowed.
  6. Do NOT ask for staff, if you deserve it, you will be promoted.
  7. No PvP logging, does not really matter, we have a plugin to handle people who do.
  8. No Glitching. This includes but not limited to, abusing shops, enderpearl glitching....etc.
  9. Swearing is allowed at all times on the server, just do not insult staff decisions.
  10. No racism, WHAT SO EVER. Any at all will result in a instant permanent ban from the server.

Do you want in on the fun?

-Just follow these easy rules, and you will be set to embark on the endless fun our server can provide.

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