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Welcome to Vortexcraft!

Vortexcraft is one of the friendliest and player caring Minecraft communities around. Every day we are constantly expanding and looking to implement new and awesome features to keep players entertained. We currently run the following gamemodes:

  • Factions

As our community grows we hope to add more servers and create a network of fun enjoyable gamemodes for all players. We have great interaction with our community on our forums to ensure we take in their ideas and get new content out for them whenever possible. Our experienced staff team is also constantly working to keep the community free of rule breakers and make sure all bugs are being worked on.

Our servers are only ran on the best of hardware making sure servers do not lag and are up and running 24/7.
All rules are strictly enforced to make Vortexcraft a better place for all players of all ages.
We have a wide range of plugins installed to make the Vortexcraft more fun and unique.

We really hope you'll join our community and enjoy it as much as we do at Vortexcraft!

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