This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Ascension PvP


This is a great server for pvping and for surviving if you are interested, get yourself on!

Moderators:TT_MC_DEVIL, Midnighthawk2


1.Be respectful towards staff annd other players.
2.Refrain from using exsessive bad language.
3.You will be kicked THREE times before you get permenetly banned.
4.Do not ask for ranks or OP.
5.Staff members do not spawn for players, so dont ask.
6.Greifing is allowed aswell as chest looting.
7.If you need help, do /helpop
8.No x-ray mods or texture packs.
9.No hacked clients e.g. Nodus


Member-You get this rank when you first join the server.
Trusted- You get this rank when you help around the server and new players.
Moderator-You get this rank when you have proven to atleast 2 members of staff that you are capable of handling the postion.
Admin-Diffucult to achieve. You get this rank when you have proven you can handle the postion of Moderator. Lots of responsibilities.
Owner-Reserved for only the Owner.


Chest Shop,
Mob Arena,

See? This is a fun and Pvping server anyone can join and you
may donate if you wish also this is the link to vote:
Now please please please join our server its great!

P.S. This is a UK server not Germany so take to notice of Germany, Thanks :).

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