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Is Faction pvp the defenition of you? If so its well worth your time to check us out and see what we have to offer!
We are all about the HardCore pvp aspect of Minecraft. You will notice HardCore Economy here at LegendaryPvP!
We do have nice voting rewards to make up for the HardCore Economy. Some things to note about LegendaryPvP
is that the Owners are Developers, so this means custom plugins, awesome features, and minimum bugs!
Get items you dont want? You can sell them in the shop or Auction them off!
Tired of obsidian bases that are unraidable? Well not anymore! Here at LegendaryPvP Obsidian breaks with
5 shots of tnt! So there is a hole new experience on making and raiding a base!
Get bored and want something to do? We have a no-pvp MobArena to pass the time

Plugins Note Worthy on LegendaryPvP

  • Factions
  • FactionsPlus
  • Essentials
  • ObsidianDestroyer
  • EnderPearlCoolDown
  • mcMMO
  • CombatLog
  • MobArena

The server also carries some amazing donation packages at

Some Items/Ranks that you can recieve for donating are listed below.
Donor - $15 USD
DonorPlus - $25 USD
VIP - $50 USD
Premium - $75 USD
Elite - $100 USD
BOSS - $150 USD
GodArmor - $15 USD
GodSword - $10 USD
GodBow - $10 USD
GodAxe - $10 USD
Creeper Spawner - $10 USD

Check us out, you'll be suprised when you find many thing you love about the server!

IP -
Website -

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