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RoyalCraft - A new experience [CRACKED]

Spawn at night
One of our factions
A large castle in a faction
An old city
A hotel made managed by staff


RoyalCraft is a server where anyone can enjoy themselves. Managed by many supportive, caring, kind staff members,
RoyalCraft provides a safe environment where friends can be made along with buildings. Craft whatever you desire in a
vanilla environment, or build to the skies in a creative mode. If you're so inclined, play amongst other survivors in a
post-apocalyptic zombie world that is in the style of roleplay. You're free to do whatever you want on the RoyalCraft


A whitelist that performs a background check on each player and that requires a manual review by server staff screens
each and every player before they enter the server, providing a safe environment for play.


Lock your containers, doors, and whatever else you feel needs to be secured with LWC. Share containers privately with
friends, and prevent grief before it happens by locking all your things.


Grief is not acceptable, and it is never tolerated. Any instance of grief can be reported, and it will be promptly
fixed. The perpetrator will be banned, as well, creating a safer environment. Rigid rules are set, allowing for the
most comfortable play possible.


All staff members are more than willing to assist other players. Whether this means fixing grief or helping to build,
the RoyalCraft staff is able to help.


All plugins are consistently kept up-to-date, and the main plugins are managed in-house, allowing for any issues to be
resolved quickly and efficiently. Any features needed can quickly be added by the main developer, allowing for
integrated play.


Running on the latest, bleeding-edge version of Spigot, a performance-enhanced fork of CraftBukkit, RoyalCraft is
always at full speed, enabling the most lag-free play available.


Just trying out Minecraft? A little short on cash? That's alright; come in and enjoy the hospitality of RoyalCraft! We
don't judge if you're premium or cracked; all are welcome.


Our forums are a lively place, full of conversations and games. Check up on the latest Mojang news, server news, and
chats by logging on to our SSL-secured webservers! We even have our own IRC and Teamspeak (3) servers for you to
connect to!


Not surprising. RoyalCraft offers an amazing experience for newcomers and veterans of Minecraft alike. Head on over to to apply, and your applications will be speedily reviewed (and most likely accepted). Once accepted,
connect to, register, and be on your way to a new world of Minecraft.

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