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straight outta Berkeley CA

Server Address/IP:

Version: 1.7.2

Game Play Type/s: Survival

This is a server I built from scratch and a map that me and some friends have been playing on for a year. Now that it has been tested out for a while I want to open it up to more people! There are buildings which have been there since the beginning which were then imported on to 1.7.2 terrain, so there's some legit infrastructure like a massive minecart track and our community as well as a ton of fresh terrain to explore. The main spawn is in the town we have been working on/off since January last year. The server is custom made & configured, dedicated, and fast. Most players are around 20 -22 years old but anyone is welcome. The server is semi-PVP via WorldGuard flags in claimed regions. The default ladder for joining the server provides the player with a plethora of commands including access to claiming territory.


(using loginsecurity)

  • Rules:

No Griefing. There aren't really any other rules just be respectful. Try to have style when you build stuff ;)

Server Hardware: a8-6600K (Quad core) @ 4.1Ghz Debian Wheezy OS 4gb RAM allocated. Map is on a Ramdisk and backs up to a cloud for safekeeping. Connection speed good for ~30 simultaneous players

Plugins: LogBlock, McMMO, WorldGuard, Essentials, SimpleLamp, Loginsecurity

Owner/Admins/Moderators: [OG] tag indicates a mod

Pictures/Videos URL:

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