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Welcome to Darais! We're a Fantasy-RP Minecraft server.

You.. Have died. The death was not natural. You were killed, whether it was by someone's blade or by your own clumsyness. And as you died, the world around you began to spiral into darkness. You felt like you were falling backwards.. Though, what seemed strange is that you landed. You landed on a large white, circular, platform. And you were not alone. A few meters away stood a woman? She seemed rather odd.. She was completely white, lacking a mouth and many features, as if she was made of energy. She wore a white dress, had short black hair, and glowing blue eyes and she stood there, looking at you patiently, offering you a single hand. You felt compelled.. You took her hand. Then the woman disappeared into a cloud of steam as your vision went white. The next thing you realized, is that you were laying within a field.. Another adventure awaits you traveler, will you accept this and forge a new fate?

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