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Do you hate it when you see your admin flying around?
Are you sick and tired of everyone on your server not doing anything together?
Is your server over crowded with people who are not even productive in any way ?

If so, joining the CarbonCrew could be the best decision of you life!

I have created CarbonCraft with much more in mind then those 3 issues.
I find that if you want something done right, you must do it yourself sometimes.
I have many fun ideas for the server and I want you to be part of it!
We will Need good redstonners and amazing builders.
This isn't about hiding 1000 blocks away and doing your own thing, It's also about working together
This is a 100% legit survival world.
You do not have to worry about griefs or your stuff being stolen because I've got all the protection plugins on-board
I trust all the people I accept and wish to never use any of those commands as i hate it.
If you don't feel comfortable with your Skype in the comments you can PM me
The only Modifications on the server are just the protection plugins, a death count, and a name color changer.
I look forward to a great time with the future members of the server
right now the server is up 24/7 and I am constantly checking if everything goes smoothly.
The only trace of command blocks are the ones I am using for the sleeping mechanics so that only 1 person can sleep for all.
any further questions? feel free to ask me on Skype [Gohrilla Redux], in the comments, or PM me

0.17 years old or older (if you are 16 and you have a good application i might accept. uploading picturess of your creations is a good way)

  1. You must have a good understanding of the game
  2. Be online frequently
  3. you must be able to take a joke
  4. Be able to work with someone without any issues

    Application (also on

  5. What is you IN-Game Name? :
  6. How long have you played Minecraft? :
  7. How old are you? (17+ minimum):
    3 Where are you playing from? :
  8. How often do you intend on playing? :
    5 Skype? (not required but it would be nice to have a group so we can all talk :P) :
    6 Have you ever been Banned before? if so, why? :
    7 what is your specialty (ex: redstone,houses,castle etc)?:
    8 anything you want to share (screenshots world save etc)?:

    server IP


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