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Server Connection Details: CultivationMC.TK

What is CultivationMC?

CultivationMC is an upcomming farming server, we have previously hosted farming servers what didn't get the playership we was hoping for, the main reason being our knowledge back then.Now after about a year or so, we are back! We've been working non stop to get this server up, wasted alot of time aswel. Initially we made the server 1.7 and then realised more people are starting to use 1.8, so we remade it all - In my opinion this version is much better.

The idea of this server is to make all/most of your money by selling farming items, e.g meats, eggs and crops, we have an outdoor market in the wilderness that you can either warp to or travel to. Ofcourse, this is not the only way of earning money. You can also get money by trading with players. We also have a plugin that rewards you for killing mobs, each mob varies in price.

What makes CultivationMC different?

We strive to provide our users with a unique experience, by making a farming server we are doing this nicely. We've had the idea for this for around two years, with some failed servers we have experience on what works / doesn't. This server will be revolved around farming, that will be the main source of income, other stuff such as minerals will also be able to sell, with our main source of suggestions coming from our playerbase we can be assured the server is what the community want..

What game play features does CultivationMC provide?

Farming revolved economey


No raiding.

Economy, Shop, Teams [Factions], Events

Can't break crops by jumping or walking on them!

Crops stay loaded while no players are nearby!

PVP outside of faction land.

Competetive MCMMO Leaderboards

Need in-game support?

We have a friendly, active staff team which will always be willing to help you. If you need help from a member of staff you can create a Support Ticket in-game by using /ticket open. This will alert a member of the staff team you require assistance and they will help you asoon as possible.



Server IP: CultivationMC.Tk

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