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Shadowspot --------TOWNY| LWC| MCMMO | ECO| SPELLS



Survival is the key in this Towny base game. Group together or head out alone to try and survive in the world of Shadowspot.

Towny allows users to protect and build structures without the fear of griefing.
Group together and allow sub plots within a town
Towns are $4000 money to start and $100 per each plot expansion.
There is a daily upkeep of $50 per plot which must be put into the town bank.
(Example) 8 plots $50x8=$400 per day in upkeep.
Each player in a town allows it to expand 8 plots further and grow.
During your adventures you may notice things will be hard. Enemy's will hit hard, nights horrible.
As you advance in the world you will find things will get easier. You will level up the more you fight,
mining will become easier, more drops and more items found while mining and digging. Your sword
will sharpen making fighting easier and quicker. Each type of action has a level that increases
the more you work at it. The more levels, the more perks will unlock per skill.
Are you short on cash, do you need that item in the shop that you just can't seem to find anywhere else.
Well now you can earn some money doing what you normally would do while playing. Each action has a job that you can take up. See the jobs list via [/mcjobs list] Join one of the jobs via [/mcjobs join jobname]
You are allowed to take three jobs at once, it is recommended to join jobs you will do most to earn money quickly.

Before you begin on your adventure you will be met with a choice. What class would you like to become? You can take up a class as Miner, Archer, Farmer and More. The choice is yours. Mind your choice it will cost to change the class later if you choose. Each class has class specific spells and class specific kits to start.

Shadowspot is now the hosting at spawn a selection of minigames. We have multiple Mob Arena's to suite multiple play styles feel free to come check them out. We also have two entertaining and challenging spleef arena's to choose from; one single layer and a multilayer for your enjoyment. Each one of these minigames earns you money to use at the shop or towards your town.

Do you have an item you are looking for or just don't have the time to hunt down all the parts to assemble it. Well now there is hope by means of the Spawn Shop. It features a wide arrange of items to purchase and also gives you the option to sell your items as well. Items in shop for sale never run out and will always be available for purchase.

If money collected from Jobs or Mob Arena isn't enough to keep you funded, we now support a fully operational and rewarding voting system. Each time you vote for Shadowspot you will earn yourself $500 and 3 Steak. We support 5 different voting sites to bring the grand total earning per day to $2500 and 15 Steak.

Welcome to Shadowspot, Enjoy your stay.


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