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Serious Servers 1.1.4 Unleashed Multi-Server Commu


Server IP:
Unleashed Version : 1.1.4
Extra Enabled Mods: Biomes O Plenty, Power Converters, Hats, Hat Stands (These must be enabled in your FTB Client to join)

More information can be found on our website:

-More Info-
We run a multi-server setup on our Unleashed server.
One minute you can be playing Unleashed Survival, and the next having a go at skyblock with unleashed additions or creative building on our creative server! We also have a hunger games minigame running too!

The Lobby
This is where you initially join in and is also where the skyblock is hosted. Just type /island to get started!
You can go from here to any other server we run with a simple command. No disconnecting and reconnecting.

This is the Unleashed survival experience. We run GriefPrevention to keep your things safe so no need to worry about griefers, and have several warps to different worlds and dimensions so no more pesky portals

This is our plotme-based creative server. Build to your hearts content.

This is our custom Unleashed + GregTech server for anyone who just wants a bit more of a challenge. More info on our website.

As you can see there is something for everyone .
Also, as an added bonus, we give access to /fly by default to give you a helping hand!

Our goal:
We strive to give our players the best experience possible, with a dedicated server and staff who care about players and the server.
Ran differently, we work to resolve issues not ban players.
We don't plan on going anywhere so you can be safe in the knowledge we won't suddenly shut down

We provide:
Experienced Staff
Family friendly and family-run server with chat filters and separate party chat.
Donation packs for access to commands, banned items, and many other cool features.
Economy based server. Kill mobs, get cash.
New Market system that allows you to sell your items in a virtual marketplace to other players.
Grief prevention to stop all the trolls from destroying your hard work, all items protected!
Prism Block logging. The best out there. Try something and you will be caught.
Vote for rewards that change with time.
Nether, End, Twilight, and Mining worlds reset every week so you can explore forever and not mess up the main world.
TeamSpeak3 Server for talking to your friends and making new ones.

Destroying what is not yours isn't tolerated. You will be caught. You will be banned.
No stealing; Don't do it.
Asking staff for administrator level privileges will get you muted.
We support free-speech, don't abuse it.
We're a laid back community and all we ask is that you follow those simple rules.

Processor; 1270V2 Xeon
Mem; 32GB 1600mhz DDR3 ECC; 24GB for Java.
x2 120GB SSD's
Supermicro hardware; It's the best
1Gbps Uplink TWtelecom backbone. Server hosted in Buffalo, New York, USA

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