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Thunder Network Modded PVP


Hey all,


PORT: There is none!!!!

My names Francis and i have been running Minecraft servers for a few years now, All of them being pvp based. I have run servers on multiple packs and for multiple months at a time. I know almost all there is to know about modded factions and how to run it effectively.

Key features:

Timed ranks (rank up as you play!)
Amazing shop system
Kits for everyone!
Great vote rewards
and much more come and see!
How it plays:

Join together with friends or make new friends to create a powerful self sustaining faction that can fight off attackers, learn new tricks too break enemy faction land and steal their items to become more powerful. However its not all about fighting. Become wealthy by trading with others on the virtual market selling almost anything you can find. You can even better the admin price!

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