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Era of Nyx

Era of Nyx


A factions server with an interactive story and a twist!
There was a collection of islands in ancient Greece that belonged to/were dedicated to the goddess of night, Nyx. All the inhabitants worshipped her and built shrines for her. She rewarded them well: an excellent fishing industry (as the moon controls the tides), protection from natural disasters, protection from evil, etc.
As the town died out over time, she - like many of the Greek deities - fell into a deep slumber.
Flash forward a millennium or so to the early 1400s and England is colonizing other lands.
A Lord convinces the King to let him take some men and build a colony. They go to Nyx's islands which are now in ruins. They begin to build on it; restoring some of the original structures and taking some inspiration from them into some of the new buildings.
When they build their basilica on Nyx's temple, it wakes her up but weakens her significantly. To the point where she only has power on full moons.
On the first full moon she attempts to destroy the town and the townspeople find out what happened. The Lord who led the expedition has disappeared though.
It turns out that he is one of the evils that Nyx protected her worshippers from. He knew that she was too strong for him to take over her domain so he convinced to King to go to that island so he could weaken her.
The settlers then have to fight off the Lord and all his hordes of minions and monsters because if he takes over it will destroy the moon cycle and wreak havoc on the world.
But they also have to appease Nyx whilst surviving her attacks on full moons.

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