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Kingdoms of Conflict


Kingdoms of Conflict is a fun and unique server where kingdoms battle for land and riches, all while fending off gangs of bandits. Kingdoms have the ability to claim land, while gangs of bandits don’t. Kingdoms can only be over claimed by other kingdoms, and are protected by your zombie champions, as well as turrets and your members. You can rankup through ranks without real money! As you rankup through the 50+ ranks, you get to choose your special path such as: Archer, Warrior, Cleric, Assassin, and Thieve. Ranks also gain special perks including kits. The server has a semi vanilla feel, which included: no /spawn, very limited /homes, and a physical emerald economy. The server has a limited shop, but rents space around spawn for players to sell items on their own.

Bring your friends and prepare to battle for control, and over power your enemies!

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